How To Use Our Blog

Welcome To Our News Blog

Welcome to our "blog" (short for "web log", which is a specialized kind of  communications Web site) for your City of La Grande's news and announcements!  The latest news article will appear at the top of the opening page of the blog.  The blog also keeps a searchable history of all published news articles, so you can always look up something you might have missed in the past.

Let us know if you would like to see blog articles on particular topics, or if you would like us to republish here any articles from our previous publications.

Using Search

Remember that you can always use the Search box to find previously-posted articles or photos.  Just search for any text string that might match up with something entered in the Title or Description fields.

Searches are NOT case-sensitive (good), but don't expect partial or wild-card string matches.

Also, everything is automatically archived by date, and can also be found by using the daily calendar links,  accessible from the left panel of the blog pages.

Using Our RSS Feeds

If you have an RSS reader, you can subscribe to our RSS feeds, so that the news in this blog comes automatically to your desktop!

See this video for easy instructions.  No previous experience necessary!