Message From the Chief

 As Fire Chief of the City of La Grande Fire Department, I’d like to welcome you to the fire department’s web page. The La Grande Fire Department provides traditional fire suppression, rescue response and fire prevention/fire code enforcement services for the residents of the city but like many modern fire departments, we also provide fire service based emergency medical response and ambulance transport services.

The Fire Department operates out of central fire station located at 1806 Cove Avenue in La Grande and is staffed by 17 full-time personnel consisting of 3 career captains, 12 career firefighters, one administrative assistant, and one fire chief.  We have 17 part-time staff consisting of 11 firefighters and 6 casual transport personnel. The full-time firefighters work a 48/96 schedule and are evenly divided between 3 shifts. Because we provide advanced life support (ALS) emergency medical response and ambulance transport services for the City (6 square miles) and all of Union County (2038 square miles), our personnel are emergency medical technicians (EMTs) certified at the Paramedic, Intermediate, and Basic levels.    

Annually we respond to approximately 3,000 calls, that is up nearly 500 calls since 2017. Approximately 77% of these call are for emergency medical services, and 22% fire. Since acquiring the ambulance service from Grande Ronde Hospital in 2002 our call volume has increased at about 2.5% per year and we anticipate it will continue to do so at a steady rate as our population ages.

I am extremely proud of our personnel and the level of service they provide on a daily basis.  I am confident that whenever we are called upon to respond to an emergency situation that we will do so in a quick and safe manner with well-trained and caring personnel.  We are committed to protecting the lives, property, and environment of you, your family, friends, and visitors of our community.