Fire Inspections

Enforcement of the most current edition of the Oregon Fire Code is accomplished through inspections of the City’s commercial, public, institutional and multi family dwelling occupancies by trained members of the fire department. Inspections and code enforcement is done under the authority of the Office of State Fire Marshal as delegated to local jurisdictions throughout Oregon.

Currently, inspections by the fire department are only conducted if a request for an inspection is received from a business or property owner, if a citizen complaint of a fire code violation is received or if in the course of carrying out other fire department activities, a fire hazard is noted by our firefighters.

The Oregon Fire Code does not apply to single family residences but upon request, the fire department will assist homeowners with their fire prevention efforts. These efforts might include providing information on the proper storage and use of flammable liquids such as gasoline or certain paint thinners, and flammable gases like propane. We can also help with home escape planning for fires or other disasters that might threaten a family and we can help with the location and placement of smoke alarms.

To schedule a fire code inspection or for answers to other fire prevention questions you might have, please call the fire department at 541-963-3123.

To view Oregon State Fire Code visit the link provided: