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Building - Online Forms

Use these forms to obtain permits for building and construction projects, residential or commercial.

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City Recorder - Online Forms

Apply to serve on a City board, commission or committee.  Watch for more forms from this Office.

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October 27, 2017
Economic Development - Online Forms

Find urban renewal grant and related application forms here.

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Finance - Online Forms

Use these forms to start/slop your water or sewer utility service,  sign up for automatic withdrawals to pay your utility bills, etc.

Please see Public Works if you need actual sewer/water/etc. facilities for your property or proposed building project.

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Fire - Online Forms

No online forms are currently available.

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Library - Online Forms

Suggest new book acquisitions, borrow books external to this Library system, volunteer to help out.

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Parks and Recreation - Online Forms

Visit the section for online forms related to aquatics/swimming, parks, recreation and urban forestry.

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Planning - Online Forms

Submit applications to the City Planner for business permits, land uses and other needs.

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Police - Online Forms

Use these forms to report runaways, provide tips, submit complaints and initiate other law-enforcement-related communications.

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Public Works - Online Forms

These forms are generated by our Engineering offices and cover topics from permits for hanging street banners to applications concerning right-of-way.

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