References and Other Key Informational and Educational Documents

The documents linked here are information references that can help you understand how your City government works, how you can benefit from your role as a citizen and how you can more effectively and fully participate in life in the City of La Grande.  Also see Online Services for "fill-and-print" forms and other interactive forms that will help you take advantage of City services.

Air Quality History Document

Download Adobe Reader How La Grande started an Air Quality Program, where it has been, and where it is headed.

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Air Quality Index Utilized In Daily Burn Call

Download Adobe Reader Air Quality Index and Wood Burn Call explained.

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Alley Blading Petition

Download Adobe ReaderForm and Policy for Graveling Public Right-Of-Way; applies as of September 30, 2003.

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Animal Control - What You Need to Know

Download Adobe Reader Do you love your neighbor's dog as you do your own?

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Back Flow Device Program Brochure

Download Adobe Reader In the City of La Grande, backflow prevention devices are required by law (OAR 33-61-070 and Ordinance Number 3051, Series 2006) on all irrigation systems to prevent contaminated water from entering the potable water supply.

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Base Flood Elevation (BFE) Request

This form is used when completing an Elevation Certificate and when a BFE is needed for a property or structure located within a Special Flood Hazard Area.

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Damage Assessment Form in Word
Economic Development Plan 2010 - 2013

Download Adobe Reader This is the complete 129-page, graphically-illustrated Plan, 1.8MB in Adobe PDF format.  Unless you have a very high-speed Internet connection, you may not be able to easily view this document online.  Instead, you may download it for local viewing by choosing the appropriate command, depending on your browser, from its right-click or context menu.

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Fee Schedule

Download Adobe Reader City of La Grande/Union County 2017 Uniform Fee Methodology.  This 10-page comprehensive schedule from the Building Division covers plan review fees, building permit fees of all kinds, and more.  Oregon Administrative Rule 918-050 requires that all local municipality building programs comply with a uniform fee methodology created by the State of Oregon, by January 1, 2009. This fee schedule, adopted by both the City of La Grande and Union County complies with the State of Oregon Administrative Rule.

Use this link to find information on Building Division fees for everything from plan review, permit, and inspection activities to demolitions, temporary occupancy, permit extensions and many others.

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Flood Damage Survey
Future Stewards Day

Download Adobe Reader This is a program to educate elementary students about water conservation and air quality topics.

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General Utility Billing information

Download Adobe Readercovers payment and billing info

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Identity Theft-How to Protect yourself

Download Adobe Reader Be informed and keep your identity safe; make sure no one else tries to be you.

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Local Improvement District Brochure

Download Adobe Reader All about Local Improvement Districts: The Local Improvement District (LID) is a method that allows a group of property owners to share the cost of the improvements. In addition, the City provides a long-term financing program to help property owners pay for improvements.

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Organizational Chart

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Police Year End Statistical Report for 2007

Download Adobe Reader2007 Crime Statistics

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Police Year End Statistical Report for 2009

Download Adobe Reader2009 Crime Statistics

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June 23, 2011
REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - City Attorney Services
Requirements for N.S.F. and account closed check investigation

Download Adobe Reader Can your local Police help if you have been passed a bum check?

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RFP - Insurance Policies Review
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