Ordinances and Other Legal and Governing Documents

These documents represent provisions that carry the force of law.  Not all of La Grande's Ordinances and other governing legal documents are online; this listing represents only part of the growing collection that will be made available online as an ongoing effort.  NOTE: These copies are facsimiles for Web presentation purposes, and are not the official original documents.  Contact the City Recorder for more information about the nature and use of these and the official documents, and for information about other governing legal provisions not yet posted online.

Ordinance 3077 Series 2009 - La Grande Uniform Traffic Ordinance

Download Adobe Reader Controlling Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic, Parades and Processions and Issuance of Permits; Providing Penalties; and Repealing Ordinance Number 2845 Series 1993

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Ordinance 3189 Series 2010 - Alcohol Ordinance

Download Adobe Reader Establishing the Process by Which Interested Parties May Acquire a License to Sell/and or Dispense Alcoholic Beverages; Authorizing Fees Related to that Process; Governing the Sale and/or Dispensing, and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

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Ordinance 3215 Series 2014 - Regulating Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Download Adobe Reader Local regulations governing medical marijuana facilities in accordance with Senate Bill 1531

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Ordinance 3229 Series 2015 Establiishing City of La Grande Advisory Commissions and Committees
Resolution 4752, Series 2017 Creating Advisory Commissions
Resolution 4774, Series 2019 Administrative Fees and Enforcement Penalties
Ordinance 3241 - Nuisances

Download Adobe Reader Bet you've always wondered what constitutes a "nuisance"

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Ordinance 2978 Series 2001 - Annexation

Download Adobe Reader This Ordinance outlines the process for annexing a property into the City limits of La Grande.  It also includes the Application submittal requirements and the review criteria used by the City Council when consider annexation requests.

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Ordinance 3208, Series 2013 - Comprehensive Plan

Download Adobe Reader The Comprehensive Plan is a document that contains goals and policies used to guide land use decisions for residential, commercial and industrial development.  This document is primarily referred to when seeking Code changes or when considering long range economic development strategies.

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Ordinance 2822 - Providing for Social Gambling in the City of La Grande

Download Adobe Reader Did you know that any person(s), business, private club, or place of public accommodation desiring to permit patrons or invitees to engage in any social gambling  in the City of La Grande requires a license?

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Ordinance No. 1694, Series 1954 - Sidewalk Repair

Download Adobe Reader This is an ordinance "regulating the construction and repair of curbs and sidewalks; making certain acts or omissions unlawful; and providing penalties for the violation thereof."  This document is a 110K Adobe PDF with an embedded graphical scan of the original. 

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Ordinance 2549 - Disposal of Impounded, Recovered or Deposited Personal Property

Download Adobe Reader What happens if you abandon that gas-guzzling lemon of an old junker car?

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Ordinance 2914 - Curfew for Minors Under Eighteen

Download Adobe Reader Kids: Do you know where your parents are? 

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