Morgan Lake

Atop a mountain just a few minutes' driving time from the heart of the city, Morgan Lake offers a quiet, motor-free respite from daily cares, with camping, fishing and hiking opportunities.  See: map

Morgan Lake is located just a few miles outside of La Grande and provides the citizens of Union County an inexpensive, easily accessible area for a broad range of outdoor recreational activities, including fishing, camping and nature hikes.   Gates have been installed to prevent the entry of motorized vehicles during the winter months, but patrons can still walk in and enjoy the beautiful winter scenery. 

The Lake is stocked annually with 23,000 finger length and up to 2,000 legal size rainbow trout.   No motors are allowed on the Lake.

Thanks to grants received from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Wildhorse Foundation and the help of volunteers from the Oregon RiverBend Facility and the La Grande Rotary Club, the City has recently completed major improvements to the facility.  A new restroom facility was installed, replacing two old, poorly designed pit restrooms.  A small floating dock was installed next to the boat launch area to provide mooring, fishing and swimming opportunities and four fishing piers were constructed along the south end of the lake.  The walking paths and campsites have been upgraded, as well, and a camp host is now on site.  More upgrades are in process.

Currently, there is no fee for camping at the Lake, although there is a limitation of 3 nights per visitor to give everyone a chance to enjoy the facility.

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