Vision Statement and Supporting Goals

The City's Vision Statement

The City of La Grande is the economic, educational, recreational, and cultural hub for eastern Oregon, with a family oriented, small-town character.

Goals to support our Vision

  • We will enhance and grow our diverse economy through innovation, partnerships, and relationships, to capitalize on our existing strengths while seeking new opportunities.
  • We will take full advantage of the benefits of our thriving educational community, anchored by Eastern Oregon university.
  • We will promote the natural beauty and resources of the Grande Ronde Valley, which provide recreational opportunities and quality of life benefits that complement our economic development objectives.
  • We will showcase La Grande as a culturally-rich city with a strong sense of identity, pride, and environmental awareness that preserves our heritage.
  • We will foster a family-oriented community with high quality amenities, including excellent parks, safe neighborhoods, and outstanding schools.
  • We will champion public involvement and civic leadership that values economic, ecological, and social stewardship, while maintaining our small-town character.